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The search system

The title lists are generated from the complete data stock to the running time.
This can last for some seconds on the server side.
Apart from an alphabetical sorted listing according to title or interpret names and a summary to Rhythm and style groups a specific full text retrieval is also possible. If a four-digit number is entered as a search string, you search according to the corresponding order number.

The title lists

Unless the title, interpreters and price columns are assigned to every title another three combinations. If you click on the order number, a new page appears with more exact information about the title. As far as known you learn here the composer, songwriter, Publishing hous, the Gema plant number and the order number of the original CD. Every title can be test heard in an short demo version before. The play buttons in the demo column are connected with the respective MIDI files. Depending on computer and installed hard and software the midi player of your browser opens, and you hear the demo. If you haven't installed any MIDI components on your computer, you can save the demos on floppy to test them on your live equipment later. Depending on browser or platform there are different possibilities of doing this. With the navigator/communicator, if the mouse is over the play badge and the right mouse button is pushed (Mac: the mouse button pushed longer) a pop-up menu in which a menu item allows to store the file (aim, link).
To avoid unnecessary typing and paper economy, the titles can be taken on directly from the list into the "ware basket".
If you click quite on the right on the white badge in the buy column, the assigned title is marked: the badge is "marked with a cross" and the title is inserted in the list of orders at the end of the page.

The list of orders

As soon as the first title was marked in the title list for sale, a list of orders is attached at the end of the page. If you want to delete a title from this list again, only the purchase badge marked with a cross must be clicked in the title list or list of orders once more. Important: Navigate on these pages only with the provided links on the pages. Avoid using the browsers own forward and back buttons or URL history. Since such actions aren't back reported the contents of the pages you will see will differ to the data stored on our server.
If the order shall be sent, you click on the order button.

The order form

Here you are asked to enter your personal data. Either we need the customer number and password or the name and the full address, if you don't have any customer number with us or don't know these at the moment yet. The e-mail address is optional. If you still want to change something in the list of orders, jump "for once" with the back button of your browser onto the last called page and carry out the changes with the links of the page. If everything is correct, you can transfer the order with the continue button. If Credit card payment was chosen, a page with necessary data on it for this appears later.
Enter the card number and the expiry date here, please. If the order was transferred successfully, you receive a confirmation and you are led to the download page You can download the ordered titles here.

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