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Editing midi files

How can I edit midi files?

We are often asked how to edit our midi files. Maybe you like to change the instrument playing the melody or add some reverb to the guitar solo. Or you like to change the volume of individual instruments or edit their position in the stereo panorama.

In a midifile even the actual notes can be changed, which however, requires a deeper knowledge in programming. So much can be adjusted in a GM midi file!

Of special interest to the the musician are, however, the so-called controllers and program changes. Many of today's keyboards give you access to these. But if you plan to edit the files really effectively, it is advisable to get a computer. Good music software is available for all three main computer platforms (Windows PC, Apple, Atari). Popular music programs are "Cubase" from Steinberg and "Logic" from Emagic. With these programs it is also possible to print notes.

But if your main interest is to mix the sounds of our midifile, so they best fit your keyboard/sound module, our "Midifile-Optimizer" is your ideal companion. You can buy it for 50 from Midi-Land

Structure of Midi-Land-Songs:

The track with midi channel 1 is always the melody voice.

The track with midi channel 2 is always the bass.

The track with midi channel 3 is almost always the guitar.

The track with midi channel 10 is always the drums

The track with midi channel 15 is the arranged vocalist track from song nubmer 3750 up.

The track with midi channel 16 is always the vocalist track in the chordal mode.

Other tracks will be named as required. Vocalist tracks are only present on songs with several voices. Instrumental songs and songs with "only solo" do not have a vocalist track. Every title is provided with the melody track on channel 1. We put in a melody line, so that you can also use every title as instrumental song.

Edit Format 0 midi files in Cubase



Edit format 1 midi files in Cubase



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