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Basic principles for beginners

What is a browser?

A browser is a software with witch you are able to use the Internet. It is responsible for the communication with other computers on the Internet and also for the representation of the texts, pictures, animations etc. if you read this text it was fetched and represented from our Web server for you by your browser. The best known browsers are from Netscape: the navigator and the communicator, from the competition Microsoft: the Internet Explorer and as well the fastest browser: Opera

What is a ZIP file?

To keep the download times as low as possible, the titles are transmitted with all their files in a packed form (ZIP format). The midi files become therefore much more smaller (compressed) as the original. This saves you download time and with that telephone and online costs. To be able to use the files as a midi file again, you need a program to unzip. You can download a test version of the most popular Winzip programs here.


How can I save the demo file on my hard disk?

Right-Click on the small "play" icon in the catalog. Choose from the pop-up menu " save as..". (at Microsoft browser: "Store as."). You will be asked where the file is to be stored. Indicate the directory where you want to save the file.

What does the question mean before the download?

Some browsers display a dialog box where it is asked what you want to do with the file. This security procedure prevents that you load unwanted files onto your hard disk or execute unintentionally a program. As you know for certain, executable files are in principle dangerous because they can contain a virus. Since midi files aren't executable files, you can select both of the offered options. If you choose "open the file", the midi file is played. If you choose the option: "save on your hard disk" the file will be saved. You can listen to it with your own program later.