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The Midifile Optimizer 4 Pro

Midifile-Optimizer 4 Pro

The Midifile-Optimizer Version 4 Pro is an easy and fast midi file editor.

The usage is simple and intuitive. Actually a manual is not really necessary since the program is self-explanatory.

The Optimizer has a intelligent transpose function that gives you the best results even at extreme ranges. Transposing +9 or -9 are not a problem anymore. 4 different Intelligent Transpose modes are available.
Changing the Instrument and its variations, Volumes, Hall, Tempo, Chorus are just one click away.

Multiple midi outs are supported. Every Out can be assigned any of the supported instruments:
GM-, GM2-, XG-sound sets, GEM Genesys pro, Genesys pro S, Genesys XP, Ketron midjay, SD1, SD1 plus, X1, Korg i30, Pa1X(pro), Limex Alpinmaster 16 and 32, Roland Fantom XR, SC-88, SC-88Pro, SC-880, SC-8820, SC-8850, SC-D70, Soli GM Alpha and Tradition XL, Solton SG-X, Yamaha PSR 3000, PSR 8000, PSR 9000, 9000Pro, MU90R (or compatible), Tyros and Tyros 2.

A highlight is the Drums editor. Even during playback, you can edit many of the drum track parameter (midi channel 10):

- solo the instrument (to better "pick up" the instrument out of the mix).

- change volume of each drum instrument with the according fader.

- change the instrument with some other from the same drumset.

More new features include Remove count in and Lyrics wich shows the lyrics synchronously to the midi file.

Another highlight is called Normalize. As known for audio file this functions can be used to level out all the midifiles found into a directory.

Using copy or delete range you can easily change the structure of the midifile and fade-out to shorten it according to your wishes.

The latest additions come with transpose range and a full sized event editor.

And all this (and more to come...) for only 100,- €.

You can download a trial version, full featured for 3 days. After that time the save button is disabled.


Minimum hardware requirements: processor 400 MHz, 128 MB RAM, VGA 800x600, 16Bit colors.

Recomended configuration: processor 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM, VGA 1024x768, 24Bit colors.

The Midifile Optimizer 4 Pro should run on Windows 9x, ME, 2000 and XP.

Please disable the effects on the display properties.


Changes to previous version: Normalizer takes dynamic into account.

Bug-fix: midi files format 0 not loaded completely.


The complete operating manual can be found at www.optimizer-pro.de.

The Demo- or Update-Version can be downloaded here.

Midifile Optimizer

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